25-125 Unit

The perfect irrigation system for sports fields,
any kind of grass, and small crops..

star3.gif (383 bytes)It doesn't require worker attention
star3.gif (383 bytes)Speed gearings
star3.gif (383 bytes)Perfect irrigation for soccer, hockey and rugby
star3.gif (383 bytes)Fodder plants irrigation

25-125 1.JPG (82570 bytes)

Autopropulsed unit, distributes up to 100 mm of water in 15 acres per month.

star3.gif (383 bytes)The unit advances using the water energy, whileit  irrigates from 3000 to 14000 litres per hour, dragging its hose.

star3.gif (383 bytes)Standard Model,  40 cm diameter pneumatic wheels, sprinkle height (40 cm). 

star3.gif (383 bytes)Soccer Standard equipment 
with 250 ft special hose of 1 inch internal    diameter, couplings for equipment 
and hydrant and a special steel drum.