We are an Irrigation Co

Based in Buenos Aires, Argentina since 1989 REGAMATIC S.A. remains committed to playing an active role in developing the best irrigation equipments for agriculture and sports fields.

Our Engineering Department designs and surveys the construction of constantly renewing automated irrigation systems that meet all customers needs.

The combination between REGAMATIC advanced technology and the employment of first quality parts, makes our machines reliable and strong as well as easy to operate.

REGAMATIC is devoted to bringing solutions to the customers. Mechanized irrigation equipments optimize crop yields reducing labor costs. The provision of fertilizers and chemicals to the farming or sports fields turns our machines into an unfailing tool.

Almost a thousand equipments watering fields in Argentina , Brazil and Bolivia attest our superiority.

E-mail us at information@regamatic.com and you will get a prompt answer and our professional advice.


Eng. Fernando Pedro Marreins


Office address:  Laprida 1238 (1642)  San Isidro
Province of  Buenos Aires , Argentina
Tel/fax 54 11 4723 2734

E-mail: information@regamatic.com