Regamatic New Generation

-The Hidraulic Automobile Equipment
reduces to the half all the expenses.

-With this saving, the farmer can duplicate every two years the irrigated extension.

-The big gun can be modified adding a beam allowing the irrigation with 6 lb/# water pressure.

-Absolutely reliable.

-It offers the possibility of being guided by the furrow, wire or GPS.



More information :

Lateral and pivots precision irrigation

Mobile drip irrigation

Precision irrigation with laterals


For 20 years, Regamatic has been developing
Portable Irrigation Systems for different ranges.

The 25-125,is ideal for soccer and other sports fields,
and for market gardens and small crops.

Within the Mercosur  Regamatic commercializes irrigation
equipments of its own production as well as others 
developped in Europe and USA.