Automatic Diesel Equipment

24 to 170 m3/h capacity
with internal combustion engine.

It does not require 
tractor assistance to work.


WB01443_.gif (383 bytes) Designed to avoid soil compactation
       It works with 12£/# or 0,85 kg/cm2
tire pressure  
WB01443_.gif (383 bytes) Automobile guided by a furrow
WB01443_.gif (383 bytes) It can follow level curves
WB01443_.gif (383 bytes) Stops at the end of the row

Velocidad.jpg (2388 bytes)

WB01443_.gif (383 bytes) Speed regulation

 38 calle DH2 ruedas.JPG (15251 bytes)

WB01443_.gif (383 bytes)Engines and components of high trustiness    


Esquema de Riego 112-400.TIF.JPG (15364 bytes)

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